Site updates

As the amount of users interested in joining the Swiss Folding Team keeps increasing, I have decided to invest some time in the site, in order to make it more user friendly.

Even more new folders!

I have just checked the list of members that are folding for the Swiss Folding Team and it is rapidly growing! Have a look at the print screen below:

Even more new users! This is great! A really big thank you to all of you!


Bots were increasingly subscribing to the site. In order to reduce the amount of useless registrations on the site I installed the Advanced noCaptcha & invisible captcha plugin. With the help of some friends I have tested it and apparently it is working as expected. I had to cancel all fake users: I am afraid I have canceled some real accounts, I am sorry for that. If you do not mind too much, you may register once more, please.


I have added some widgets to the right side of the page and removed other ones who were not that useful. The new widget shows the last 5 blog posts: it should give more visibility to the blog. As it is indexing the English posts only the Italian ones are not showed. Having different widgets for each language will be a challenge: from the quick search I have performed today it does not seem that easy. But maybe that’s just me. 🙂


I have changed the main language of the site into English. When I first created this homepage I was convinced that I would have managed to add more languages, do translations etc. this is why, the first language I have been writing on was Italian. Now I will use English as main language and provide translations in other languages too (if there are volunteers out there to translate posts or even write them, I am all ears. Post a comment below or on the forum as your prefer).

Email subscribers

I have updated the list of users that will receive an email every time I write a new post. It is not that often, believe me. So do not worry about getting tons of emails or SPAM.


I am also posting the new posts on the Facebook page. Hope this helps in getting the team and project even more known. 🙂

As always… Fold on!


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COVID19 Update #1

Empty servers

Since yesterday I have noticed that my computers are not receiving any workunit from the Folding@home servers. I have done quick research on the folding@home forum and I collected the following information:

  1. The servers which are expected to upload the work units are no further working units to distribute
  2. The number of volunteers has increased so much and in such a short time that the supply of work units has to be increased. The University is increasing the effort. Have some patience, we will receive work to do! 🙂

New members

I wish to thank all the new members of the team! Specifically to @adamralph and @rowtag who have subscribed to the site. I hope we may hear from them once in a while.

Many other have started to fold for the team and with some great perfomances. Have a look here:

SFT Team Members
SFT Team Members in March 2020.


I have been asked to change the language of the site into English as it makes more sense, being one of the most commonly used languages: I will look into that as it was one of my concerns since the beginning. For now, let’s start with a post!


At this link Greg Bowman, co-director of the F@H project, explains what they are doing COVID19 and how we can help.

Let’s hope we will receive more Work Units to solve in a short time! 🙂

Fold on!


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