How To Join Us

Come on! A few steps and you are folding with us making science happen even faster!

In order to start folding you may proceed as follows:

  1. Download the client from the official source
  2. Install the client
  3. Subscribe by using your preferred nickname, add Swiss Folding Team number 3129 and the passkey which will be sent per email to you upon your request. After those quick steps your computer will already be working and contributing to the scientific research.
Finestra di registrazione
This is the window which you will see during the registration


The F@h client works almost on any computer as it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. Performance wise the clients gives satisfaction, if the computer is powered by a powerful GPU and a CPU with many cores. It should be taken into consideration that powerful computers may consume a lot of power: you will notice the increase of consumption on your electricity bill. It is a good idea to consider wisely how much per month you would like to spend and size your computer accordingly. The F@h forum is a good place to ask advice about the best hardware to buy.

The project needs Work Units to be solved in less than two weeks, therefore the computer should be left working long enough each day to produce substantial results.

Electricity Costs

It’s about 30 CHF/month, 0.19 CHF/Kwh.

In Ticino, the production of electricity for domestic users is entirely of hydroelectric origin